Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Word From Dad

Today is three long months since little Hudson left us. I just wanted to share what his father spoke to him at his funeral. I love Hudson, and I love his Dad.

"Hudson, one of the things that I most love about being a daddy, is watching my children as they discover their personality. Their likes, dislikes, the things that make them laugh or that scare them. I love watching your big brother, Jordan, and big sister, Eliana, grow and mature and develop into their own people. But both the other two will tell you that I'm not a daddy who just sits on the sidelines and watches. I try my best to grow with you kids. Hold your hand along the way. I was hoping to do that same with you. As you would of heard as you were listening in on our family from inside mummy's tummy, I'm a long way from perfect. I make a heap of mistakes. But I also think that I've done a fair bit of learning over my life, and I've been pretty keen to share some of the things I've learned with you, so that you can benefit from my mistakes and my successes.

Don't drink coke while you have a mentos in your mouth. Do learn how to make chocolate fondue - you will need this skill when you make your wife sad. Keep your elbows together when under the high ball. And when you're making a run, hold the ball in both hands - you'll keep the opposition guessing which way you're going to pass, and make it harder for them to knock it out in the tackle. A successful man is he who has given his best, learned from his mistakes, and walked with integrity through the good and the bad. Make time to read your Bible daily - it is the only right standard of truth and will give you the surety you'll need to navigate this broken world.

Avocados are not as good as everyone says - in fact they're really yucky. Jordan and Eliana are your best friends, and you are in the best family in the world. However, when Jordan says "Trust me, it's going to work", don't do whatever he's telling you to do, unless he's tried it first. Dance with Eliana. It's a language of love for her, and she'll share her hearts deepest secrets with you if you take the time to dance to her tune.

Mummy is beautiful beyond anything you could ever imagine. She is honest. Gentle. Smart. A little bit crazy. And heaps funny. And she loves God like no woman I've ever met or heard about. Find a wife like her. Never compromise when it comes to choosing a woman with whom you will partner with and share your life with.

God loves you, Hudson, not because of anything you've done, or not done. He loves you because He made you. There is nothing you can do which will make God love you more. And there is nothing you can do which will make God love you less. I know this is true because He sent his Son, Jesus, to be punished for your sin. The pain of loosing a son is immense. God gave his Son in love for you. This is the best thing you will ever know: God demonstrates His own love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Buy the extended warranty - you'll think it's a scam until your TV breaks the day after the standard warranty expires. School is not just about learning how to read and write, it's about making the most of every opportunity you're given. On that point, opportunities rarely just fall in your lap. People who make a real go of life, seek out and create their own chances for success.

Today is the day to trust Jesus to deal with your problem of sin. You have no idea what the next hour, let alone day, will bring. Don't kiss your reflection on the side of a hot toaster. Uncle Dave will tell you that you'll just burn your nose, and everyone will know what you did.

It's ok to cry. It's ok not to cry. We all show how we're feeling differently. Pray. There is no greater privilege afforded to us than to meet with out God in prayer. Don't eat all the black jelly beans at your birthday party thinking that your friends will think you're cool. You'll just end up vomiting on the doormat, and everyone will know what you did.

Hudson, I love you. Not because of what you've done, or not done. Because you are my son. Thank you for the time we did have together. I'm sorry I didn't get to hold you hand. Or wrestle with you on the lounge room floor. I did pray for you, and with you. You are forever imprinted on my life. You changed me, and I know that God has used you and will continue to use you, to make me a better man. I am so proud of you."

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  1. I love you guys and wish we could have been geographically closer in this time.